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Japan prepares robots to take over the kitchen

  With the advanced age Tendency of Japan, the problem of a lake of labour is getting more and more serious, how to solve the problem has been a very pressing task… Read the rest of this entry »


China divorce rate rises by 20%

Nowadays, more and more couples get divorce in China, is it getting more and more difficult to make a happy family than before? Many people will think like that, but in my opinion, divorce is not such a bad thing.

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Over 80% of kids experience both sides of bullying

I have watched a drama named life tolk about
bully in an elementary school in Japan,it makes
me know the act of bullying. Read the rest of this entry »

Get ride of it!

Mary people have a bad habit of procrastination, they don’t do things that should be done immediately. They often have good reasons like ”I am tired” or ”I can do it better tomorrow ”for delay doing something they don’t want to do as late as they can. But in my opinion, they will finish their work in a hurry and can not do it well at last. Read the rest of this entry »

Chinese traditionnal dress

Foreign workers in Japan

A total of 273 healthcare workers arrived in Japan on Sunday; they will work at various healthcare facilities including hospitals and homes in October or late. Read the rest of this entry »

I wish I like cooking

 As I began my study abroad in Japan, there is no body do cook for me any more , I didn’t cook anything  at home in China, so I have to begin  cooking for myself . Read the rest of this entry »